About us

Corinna Ltd. is a Polish company with many years of experience.

We started our activities in 1993 with 100% German capital as a daughter company of Bianca GmbH. The production building of 12.000 sqm owned by the company was modernized and all the machines, technology and work standards were taken over from Germany.

In 1998 as a result of changes in the German company the name of our company was changed to Bianca-Polska.

Since 2008 we are a big, modern clothing company with the Polish capital only.

We produce ladies’ trousers, skirts, blazers, dresses, blouses and T-shirts of our own materials and in processing job.

We have gained our experience from cooperation with foreign contractors.Our staff is highly qualified and we have many modern and special machines at our disposal. All this guarantees a high quality level of our production, 98% of which is located on the demanding market of Western Europe.

Apart from the standard production facilities we have our own design and construction department which works with the system of the Gerber Technology with an automatic cutting equipment. We also have an industrial laundry at our disposal.

Among our contractors are the companies from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, USA and Poland.

We are open to new cooperation contacts with foreign and local clients.



Corinna sp. z o.o.

ul. Królewiecka 215, 82-300 Elbląg

tel. +48 55 237 12 00

fax +48 55 237 12 48